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So many gardeners have started using organic nutrients because they naturally improve the structure of the soil, they are very unlikely to over-fertilise any crops and they are environmentally friendly, too.

In addition to this, problems that you may come across with other fertilisers, such as a toxic build up of chemicals or salts, simply would not occur if you used organic fertilisers. Our Oldtimer Organic products are perfect if you want to grow strong and healthy crops in a natural way.

Why you can trust our Oldtimer Organic Range:

  • Our range is specially designed to ensure that the natural flavours in your vegetables come through when it’s time to harvest.
  • All of the products in our range are made from biodegradable and sustainable plant material.
  • Our fertilisers not only feed your flowers, they also feed the friendly organisms in your soil. This helps your plants to stay strong and healthy.
  • Our range also helps the soil supporting your plants to hold more nutrients and water, making your crops more robust.

Top tips: before sowing your seeds, take plenty of time to add your new organic nutrients and any compost that you may have to your soil. This will give your seeds the best chance of growing in a natural, organic way.

If you haven’t found the product you’ve been searching for today, or you need us to answer some questions about growing your next crop, get in touch with the team now or visit a stockist.

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Our commitment is to provide products that will increase soil fertility, nutrition and microbial activity, bringing together many elements from nature; from beneficial fungi and bacteria to natural stimulants. Our products will 'promote healthy plant growth' far better than nature itself could ever hope for.

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