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All Plant Magic Plus products are designed to naturally enhance growth, promote plant development and ensure the overall health of your crops. It is our commitment to increase the fertility of your plants by providing them with the nutrients they need.

Our nutrients and fertilisers are especially unique in how they encourage microbial activity. By bringing together key elements from nature such as beneficial fungi, bacteria and natural stimulants, our products activate fast and healthy plant growth from the outset.

By ensuring that your plants receive enough microbial activity, your fruiting crops will receive the correct amount of major and macro nutrients they need to flourish. What’s more, our products ensure that your plants will get an ample amount of trace elements — something that many nutrient solutions do not provide.

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Did you know that our products can also work with hard or soft water? This means that, whatever your water supply is like, our products will work with it so that you can grow successful crops. 

So, if you’re looking for advice about general hydroponics or you need to find a good quality hydroponics store, you have come to the right place! Browse through our latest products, check out our helpful blog, or find your local stockist to find the nutrients that will work for your crops.



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Our commitment is to provide products that will increase soil fertility, nutrition and microbial activity, bringing together many elements from nature; from beneficial fungi and bacteria to natural stimulants. Our products will 'promote healthy plant growth' far better than nature itself could ever hope for.

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