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Propagating with Peat Plugs

Propagation is the step every gardener goes through to get their crop ready for the coming year. The winter preparations have held back the frost and things are just starting to look up again as the days slowly get longer. Most of us reach for our trusty seed tray and sow even spaced seeds in a light compost. The seed tray is placed in the greenhouse, watered and watched as a small green carpet of seedlings emerges. 

Tomato seedlings growing in plant Magic Peat Plugs

Tomato seedlings emerging from Peat Plugs…


That even spacing you sowed the seeds with has become clusters of green jungle, the roots have spread and woven themselves together. Choosing the healthiest seedling to pot up has become a marathon ‘Seedlings Got Talent’ contest which involves spinning the seed tray around to get the best angle. Even the strongest seedlings need the steady hands of a brain surgeon to be removed with as much root system as possible. This is all before you try and get the root system into the new hole you’ve just made. Finally you gently cover up the seedling, hoping it didn’t get damaged. Your fairly sure it’s fine, but the more you think about it the more you worry. This may not be the experience everyone has, but having done this myself, and know people who go through this same thing every year, we knew there had to be a better way.

Introducing Peat Plugs 

Here at Plant Magic our ethos may be ‘Promoting healthy plant growth’, but we also like to help gardeners, making it easier for them to produce the results they want from their garden. Whether this is making products simpler, providing a growing schedule showing when to use our nutrients.This is where our new product, Peat Plugs fits in.

Plant Magic Peat Plugs tray showing removed plugs

A Peat Plug tray


Peat Plugs are 84 individually wrapped plugs wrapped in a tray, specifically designed for propagation. Each plug is uniform to provide identical growing environments across the tray, leading to consistent growth from each plant. The plugs themselves are made from a special compost that is handled gently and lightly packed to give the roots access to oxygen (needed to absorb nutrients) and allow them to grow unimpeded by compacted soil. This gives them not only a very high strike rate, but reduces the time to root through by days.


How Peat Plugs can help you transplant seedlings 

The plugs are wrapped around the sides in a biologically friendly paper, allowing them to be planted out directly. This paper hold them together, yet allows the roots freedom to grow down into more soil. Every plug has been manufactured with a controlled level of moisture to make them usable straight away with no need for hours of pre-soaking them. This cuts down on the amount of preparation time. The tray has been designed to fit inside most standard sized propagators, meaning their environment can be controlled without compromising the ease of handling.

All this leads to a much simpler and less labour intensive process, where seeds are sown in the plugs and moistened slightly with a fine mist. As the seedlings or cuttings root through they can be removed with no root disturbance and planted into larger pots, or straight into the ground within minutes. 


Seedling compost vs seedlin in a Plant Magic Peat Plug

The difference between Peat Plug and soil seedlings




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