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Flushing nutrients


When your crop enters the last two weeks before harvest, it enters a critical phase. But amongst many growers an increasing sense of hesitancy creeps in as to what to give your plants. Some keep feeding up till the last few days, some flush with plain water, some reduce feed to minimal levels. An increasing number of growers are turning to tailored flush products for the last week or two. Have they been persuaded into buying something they don’t need, or are they in fact wisely helping to give their crop the ideal finish?

Flush nutrients like Plant Magic Flush remove metallic tastes and unused minerals

To flush or not to flush...…


Why do I need to use flush nutrients? 

The answer is about understanding the needs of plants for the beginning of harvest time. As a plant reaches the end of its flowering cycle a special type of nutrient is required. Firstly it has to contain some NPK. This is essential as the shock of moving from full feed to zero feed can be too much for it to cope with, forcing the plant to use up the sugars that should be going towards the fruits. Secondly hormones should be present to help the plant to use up any excess nutrients in the plant sap and complete the ripening of the fruits and increase the plants production of sugars. Thirdly the nutrient should be keeping the pH in an ideal window with little or no acid. Additional acid at this point can create a chemical taste in the fruit whilst the addition of phosphoric or nitric acid upsets the NPK, and a high pH can lead to harsh flavours from alkaline molecules like chlorophyll. Finally a flush nutrient allows any beneficial bacteria or fungi to remain unaffected where using de-mineralized water can lead to microbe starvation and death. 

Plant Magic Plus® Flush has been designed to provide enough nutrition to plants to maintain their health and contains natural plant hormones to help the plant finish fruiting and produce carbohydrates such as sugars to assist with flavour. PMP’s Flush is available in soft or hard water variants to stop the need for any pH modification and has been designed based on samples taken from all around the UK. 

Plant Magic Flush in 1ltr and 5ltr bottles

Plant Magic Flush comes in 1ltr and 5ltr


As well as helping your plant in the final phase of the fruiting cycle, PMP’s Flush nutrient can also be used after over-fertilization. Even the most careful growers can push their nutrient levels too high, especially when dealing with a new strain or species of plant. Emptying the reservoir tank and replacing with a solution containing a flush nutrient can help the plant to release the excess nutrients and regain health. Flushing with water to combat over-fertilization can stress the plant and the signs of over- and under- fertilization can be confused, leading to continual flushing when the plant is actually showing signs of hunger! 






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