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Microbes - A gardeners best friend

What are Microbes?

Microorganisms are the smallest, oldest and most numerous organisms in the world. They do so much for us, yet struggle to be understood. They help to bake our bread and make our cheese, they (for the most part) stop us from becoming ill and make up to half the oxygen we breathe. We cannot see them with the naked eye, so for a long time our understanding of the role they play in biological life cycles was primitive. As technology has improved, and we find out more about them, we find ourselves ever more impressive by their unique abilities.  


A beneficial bacteria species fed by Plant Magic Fruit & veg range

Bacillus type bacteria


Microorganisms (or microbe for short) refers to an array of different living organisms from a single cell, up to a handful of cells measuring in the order of millionths of a meter! Microbes come in two main species, depending on whether they have a cell nucleus (Eukaryotes) or not (Prokaryote). Bacterial species are the majority of the Prokaryotes (along with archaea) and are found on almost every surface in the world that has not been specifically sterilised. Fungi, algae and all other microbes are part of the Eukaryote family of microbes. Microbes not only exist in every environment from the deep ocean to the air we breathe, but inside our bodies as well (up to 2Kg of them!). The reason this is important is that the presence and diversity of microbes is crucial to maintaining health in all macroscopic life, from humans to plants. Like workers in a factory, each microbe has a task, and it’s only by having a broad balance of microbes performing different activities, that successful outcomes can be achieved.  

How do I help microbes work for my plants? 

Plant Magic’s new range of Fruit & Veg Organic fertilisers were designed and made to work with nature, specifically the millions of microbes in the rhizosphere (the region of soil around the roots that interacts with them). This is accomplished by a unique blend of natural materials that contain a food source for these microbes, allowing them to thrive. There are 5 products in the range, Chilli, Strawberry, Tomato, Vegetable and Salad. Each is tailored to the specific needs of the crop in terms of its elemental ratios, trace elements and natural plant hormones. 


The full Plant Magic organic Fruit & Veg range

The Fruit and Vegetable range


These unique fertilisers cause an increase in the microbiological activity in the soil. This speeds up breaking down organic matter within the soil, and is known as the priming effect. While the details aren’t well known, this effect is believed to be due to an increase in number and diversity of the microbes within the soil. As well as a positive priming effect, our new range feeds the plant and the microbes within the soil, it allows for a much stronger symbiotic relationship to be built between the plant and its environment. This means healthier roots are able to provide better nutrition to Mycorrhizae (beneficial fungi) and Rhizobia (nitrogen fixing bacteria) amongst others, which in turn provide phosphates and ammonia respectively that would otherwise be unavailable. In the case of Mycorrhizae they can also provide protection to the roots from fungi and other soil-borne pathogens. 









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