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How to Grow…Strawberries in Pots?

With the British strawberry season having started approximately at the end of April, according to the British Summer Fruits association, you may be starting to think about growing strawberries instead of waiting for them to hit the shelves. Who can resist the flavour of a delicious and fresh strawberry around spring and summertime?

Relatively easy to grow from plant but a bit trickier when you’re growing strawberries from seeds, they are easily placed in both smaller containers or large gardens. Due to not needing any specialised gardening equipment, the proper care and maintenance of these plants are sure to give you plenty of fruits for years to come.

It may be a bit too late to plant strawberries in your garden for a full crop, but when it comes to growing strawberries in pots, you’re in luck.

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Choosing the Right Time for Growing Strawberries

There are a few strawberry types to suit every need:

  • Alpine strawberries. This type of strawberries produces sweet and small fruits, with harvest time between July and the end of September.
  • Summer-fruiting strawberries. Producing the largest fruit, the short cropping period lasts around two to three weeks. You can expect strawberries of this variety to provide a harvest around early to mid-summer.
  • Perpetual-fruiting strawberries. Also known as ever-bearing fruits, these strawberries are great for small spaces. They produce bursts of fruits from early summer until early autumn.


Growing Strawberries in Pots

For late planting options of strawberries, there’s no better way than to grow them in pots. This allows you to easily move them around so they catch the best sun or so you can protect them from intense heat. In addition, the benefits of growing strawberries in pots are:

  • Location. Easily move the strawberry pots to where they’re more conveniently placed.
  • Space. As a compact plant, strawberries can save on space when you have a small garden.
  • Pest Control. It’s easy to attack any pest issues or prevent them altogether.
  • Growth. Any type of strawberry will thrive in pots and give you fruits all year around.

Having a pot or a container with good drainage is important. You can either have a pot with drainage holes or a different type of container with holes throughout its structure. As these plants have a moderately small root, your pots can be as small as 10 inches in diameter and 8 inches deep.


The Basics of Growing Strawberries in Pots

Choose pots in light colours or of synthetic materials for cooler roots, and natural materials such as metal and clay in darker colours to conduct heat. To plant strawberries in pots, there are a few steps to consider:

  1. What types of plants? Growing strawberries from seeds is more difficult than having a few seedlings starting out in pots of a four-inch diameter.
  2. What soil is the best? Soil that easily drains but holds water is ideal, such as a slightly acidic soil ( with a pH between 5.5 and 6.5), rich in organic matter.
  3. How to space the plants? When in a garden, each plant spreads out approximately two feet. When using pots, one or two plants will be perfect.
  4. What about planting? Make sure that your seedlings have their crown just above the soil’s surface by making a small mound in the soil and ensuring that the roots are spread out on it.
  5. Which location is best for my pots? Six to eight hours of sun are ideal for growing strawberries. Don’t forget to rotate the pots every few days if your sunlight comes only from one direction.


What To Do After Planting

After selecting and implementing all the basics to start growing your strawberries, maintaining them is just as important. Watering, feeding, and protecting your fruits from the elements and plant pests will make sure that you can have the best results.

  • Watering. A great way of knowing whether your strawberries need watering, is to test the dryness of the soil until an inch below the surface. In containers, the soil will dry out faster, so it’s best to check every few days before your plants dry and wilt. Watering can be done as much as needed, just make sure not to have your plants in soggy soil or drowning in water.
  • Feeding. Supplemental feeding in addition to watering is always beneficial for your plants. You can easily feed beneficial microbes and provide a high quality food source quickly taken in by your strawberries, with products such as Strawberry Magic.
  • Protecting. Protect your plants from colder temperatures so that the roots don’t freeze, and the pots don’t crack. Around summertime, make sure that your strawberries have enough water and aren’t left to cook away under the sun.

And don’t forget! Strawberries are short-lived, perennial plants so, if you wish to continue planting them, you’ll need to replace your plants every three years.

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