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Tomatos in a Vine

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How to Grow…Tomato Plants

There’s nothing like having fresh tomatoes to use in meals, particularly if the tomato plants are just a few feet away. These plants can be easily grown outside or in a greenhouse, and it’s never too late or too early to start planning your garden and what to plant.

A few tomato plant problems happen quite often and specialised products such as a veg boost makes sure that tomato plants have the best possible start from seeds to full-grown plants. Adding some tomato feed for even and healthy growth and a bloom booster ensures that tomato plants have beautiful flowers to precede delicious tomato fruits.


What Do Tomatoes Need for Healthy Growth?

Tomato Up Close

A few factors need to be taken into consideration before planting tomatoes, factors like maturity time, how the plant grows, and resistance to diseases:

  • Light. Tomato plants require around eight hours of light every day and a good light source will make sure that they grow to their best potential.
  • Temperature. Growing tomatoes hydroponically can be a big advantage when it comes to having the right temperature for these plants to grow in. Lovers of warm weathers and temperatures, tomatoes need approximately 18°-25°C during the day and 12°-18°C
  • Nutrients. A lot of tomato plant varieties need calcium and high levels of phosphorus and potassium to thrive, and a good tomato feed is vital for growing the best tomatoes.
  • pH levels. pH levels need to be at a value between 5.5 and 6.5 for the best tomato growth.


How to Grow Tomato Plants

Gradient of Tomatoes Maturing

Using small pots for indoor sowing will require propagators for even growth. Seeds should be placed in cubes of one inch by one inch in compact substrate for better water absorption. Seeds typically start to germinate after 10-14 days.

Tomato seedlings require a temperature of approximately 18°C and need to be transplanted into four-inch pots when they gain two true leaves. As soon as flowers from the first fruit truss start to open, the plants should be transferred to nine-inch pots. Tie cordon tomatoes’ main stem to a vertical and well-anchored support.

Tomato plants need to be watered regularly so that the soil has an even moisture level and to prevent the fruit from splitting. Every ten days to two weeks, feed needs to be applied to ensure the healthiest possible growth.


Diseases and Issues with Tomato Plants

Hands Holding Plum Tomatoes

There are a few common issues and diseases that can interfere with the development of tomato plants. It’s common to see tomatoes splitting and opening when there’s irregular watering, something that can be solved with a regular watering regime.

Blossom end rot and calcium deficiency are often connected, as a calcium deficiency turns the base of tomatoes dark and makes them start rotting. Underwatering could be one of the causes, with tomatoes slowing their calcium uptake when there isn’t enough water.

With the appearance of small moths, whiteflies are a common tomato pest. They lay their eggs on the leaves’ underside for them to feed on, which creates a sticky secretion that can lead to other diseases. Encarsia formosa is a type of small wasp commonly used to control populations of whiteflies and should be applied to tomato plants as soon as possible.

Aphids are a common pest for many plants that you can easily control by introducing ladybirds, who eat aphids. Marigolds are good flowers to plant to attract these beneficial insects.

The fungus Phytophthora infestans causes tomato and potato blight. The leaves on plants develop brown marks, which increase in size and eventually spreads to the fruit and causes it to turn brown and rot.

If tomato plant leaves become yellow, then turn bronze and eventually distorted, then the plants potentially suffer from one of the many varieties of mosaic virus. With this virus having high infection levels, it’s vital that precautions are taken so you it doesn’t spread from plant to plant through human contact.

Greenhouse tomatoes often suffer from tomato leaf mould, in which yellow spots appear on the upper leaves’ surfaces and a grey-brown mould growth appears on the corresponding lower leaves’ surfaces. When it becomes serious, this mould also spreads to the upper leaves’ surfaces. Adequate ventilation helps to prevent this disease from taking over tomato plants.

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