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What Nutrients Help Plants After a Heatwave?

Hydroponic nutrients are needed for plants to grow healthy and strong all year around. All plant nutrients belong to three main categories of primary nutrients, macronutrients, and micronutrients. These are required for plants to carry out crucial roles in their development and growth.

With the high temperatures that the UK has been experiencing in the past summer months, ensuring that plants have all the needed nutrients is essential to prevent or recover from heat stress. With Plant Magic nutrients plants are sure to revive after a heatwave.


What is Heat Stress in Plants?

Heat stress relates to high temperatures that can potentially cause irreparable damage to plants’ development and growth. High temperatures can also increase the reproductive development rate, which decreases the available time for photosynthesis and the latter’s vital function.


Catalyst Seaweed Extract

Containing nitrogen, phosphorus pentoxide, potassium oxide, and magnesium oxide, a catalyst seaweed extract is known to help plants in varied ways. If applied to the roots, it helps to stimulate lateral root growth and mass, which results in healthy roots with increased water and nutrient uptake. It’s advised that this process is done before heat stress becomes an issue, but it can be applied throughout the year.

Catalyst Seaweed Extract | Plant Magic



Potassium is needed for water-use efficiency, which is vital in warmer months, so that plants don’t suffer from high evaporation as easily. When you water your plants, this nutrient will make sure that plants receive the moisture they need in an efficient way. This also reduces the probability of fungal infections.


Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen

Similarly to potassium, watering your plants regularly increases the availability of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Oxygen helps plants to release needed energy from food for respiration, and carbon and hydrogen aid in synthethising food while photosynthesis occurs.


Calcium and Magnesium

Provide plants with a magnesium nutrient boost, such as a Magne-Cal +, which is essential for chlorophyll production. Magnesium also helps plants to better utilise and mobilise phosphorus, and to activate a wide variety of plant enzymes.

Calcium helps plants to form a ‘glue’ that keeps their cell walls together, increasing the strength of plant tissues when there is temperature stress. This nutrient will continuously protect plants when available.

Magne-Cal + | Plant Magic



For green leaves and growth, foliage will develop strong and healthy. Nitrogen helps to provide plants with their green colour through chlorophyll production. Wilting or yellow leaves are a sign of plants affected by heat, and it’s important to help them recover before they die.



Helping with cell division and root growth, phosphorus helps roots take up nutrients more efficiently. Additionally, this nutrient increases plants’ hardiness throughout the years, which becomes helpful when the winter months and the cold weather arrive.

Although healthy plants are naturally resistant to temperature stress, they do eventually reach their limit. Helping plants recover from a heatwave by providing them with essential nutrients will result in healthy plants.

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